The Loving Legacy Trust estate plan covers the basics and includes solutions typically included in a family living revocable trust.

The Loving Legacy Trust has much more. After your wishes are understood, the estate plan provides asset protection, privacy and protection while you are still alive, while preparing to benefit your favorite church, charity, special cause, and your family.

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The Loving Legacy Trust can be determined to be split in any percentage or just selected assets to each beneficiary.

The Loving Legacy Trust estate plan can be changed at any time, re-allocated, assets changed, or the estate plan completely re-written. In fact, nothing has to change during your lifetime! You can continue to enjoy your lifestyle and assets until you pass on. Even though you are not buying additional insurance, you get privacy and protection during your life that exceeds most insurance plans.

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These trusts are also called "Family Living Revocable Trusts", or any combination or subset of those words. Almost all trusts are designed to protect and manage your estate after you are deceased. Many also make a Will for any additional assets, and to reenforce the overall intent. Sometimes, guardianship is addressed. These family trusts are pretty inexpensive, simple enough to get started, and pretty effective for family estate planning. After reading and gaining the knowledge and basics, you can create your own estate plan, or get a free Quote to get the special language, custom forms, and 24 hour support of a comprehensive turn-key solution.

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Some estate planning considerations:
* Do we need a trust and a Will?
* Get Discretionary Benefits and Spendthrift Protection.
* Is there protection from legal and financial ravages of Disability?
* How do I provide for Personal Care, Children and Guardianship?
* Can we keep our estate plan private and eliminate publicity?
* Can we eliminate probate, attorneys fees, disputes, and court costs?
* Can we eliminate disputes over furniture, jewelry, and collectables?
* Can we provide Education Expense?
* Can we defer, reduce, or eliminate Taxes?

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All documents are provided. Estate Planning Instructions, finance checklists, including many typical examples. The support team provides basic (and advanced) assistance and answers to your questions. They provide explanations, suggestions, and examples that will assist you in activating your Loving Legacy Trust estate plan.

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All individuals need a Health Care Directive, a Health Care Power of Attorney, and a Statement of Wishes. Adults additionally need a Will, and a Trust. Parents of minor children need Guardianship Agreements.


The staff prove themselves by providing education and outstanding support that will inspire you to use them for all of your asset protection and estate planning. They are available by phone and email every day from 10am to midnight, even on weekends and holidays. Like friends, and extended family; they have had many of the same staff and clients since 1977.


* Save Transfer Fees on investments, real estate, and vehicles.
* Protects your personal assets from business Liens, Claims, and Judgments.
* Protects assets from mistakes of your children, spouses, or pets.
* Separates and protects assets, taxes, and Credit Reports.
* Effectively keeps in-laws (or their heirs) from owning your assets.
* Completely disinherits unwanted relatives or others from your assets.
* Minimizes your risk of lawsuits and other claims against your assets.
* Secures your Retirement, investments, Real Estate, and stock holdings.
* Makes your business Judgment Proof.
* Determines Guardianship of Pets and provides for pet care and maintenance.
* Can save thousands of dollars on insurance.
* Allows private Gifts and charitable programs.
* Allows control and disposition of furniture, jewelry, and hobby collectables.
* Improves privacy and prevents identity theft without additional cost.
* Provides lockbox for Education Funds without restricting Student Loans or Grants.
* Provides Financial Safety from health care and long term Medical Assistance Costs.
* Assists Veterans to receive Special Assistance and Benefits.
* Prevents being forced by relatives into Assisted Living, or Convalescent Homes.
* Prevents a Conservator from spending your assets or Modifying your Estate Plan.
* Review existing Wills, Trusts, and estate planning tips for free HERE.

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